GSX-8R Twins Cup Camshaft Set


Race to Victory with Exclusive MotoAmerica Approved Camshafts for Suzuki GSX-8R! Engineered for champions, our hard-welded cams are the ONLY aftermarket option permitted in MotoAmerica races. Designed to optimize performance with stock pistons and valvetrain, our GSX-8R camshafts are available in two options: sold with welded cam cores or send us your cams for hard welding. 

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Dominate the racetrack with our Suzuki GSX-8R Twins Cup Camshaft Set, the exclusive choice for MotoAmerica competition. This race-proven camshaft set, engineered specifically for 2023-2024 Suzuki GSX-8R and GSX-8S models, offers unparalleled performance enhancements approved for Twins Cup Class races. Manufactured and precision ground by Web Cam Inc., these camshafts are designed to significantly improve your motorcycle’s mid-range thrust and top-end overrev capabilities, pushing you ahead of the competition.

Our camshafts are constructed using high-quality nickel-based hardfacing alloys, chosen for their exceptional resistance to erosion, abrasion, and thermal fatigue. This ensures a long-lasting upgrade that withstands the rigors of competitive racing. The process of hard welding adds to the camshaft’s durability, offering protection against galling and ensuring that low RMS finishes keep wear on both the cams and their mating surfaces to a minimum.

For racers and enthusiasts seeking the ultimate performance upgrade, our Suzuki GSX-8R Twins Cup Camshaft Set is available in two convenient options: purchase with welded cam cores ready for installation, or send us your existing cams for professional hard welding. Either choice provides a significant boost to your motorcycle’s power output, ensuring that your Suzuki GSX-8R performs at its peak when it matters most.

  • Only MotoAmerica Approved GSX-8R Camshaft for Twins Cup Class
  • Designed to Improve Mid-Range and Top End Overrev Power
  • Hard Welded and Ground by Web Cam Inc.
  • Nickel-based Hardfacing Alloys for Enhanced Erosion and Abrasion Resistance
  • High Thermal Fatigue Resistance
  • Resistance to Galling
  • Low RMS Finishes Reduces Wear on Cams and Mating Surfaces
  • Fitment 2023-2024 Suzuki GSX-8R / GSX-8S

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Shipping Weight 4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in

With Core, Without Core