GSX-8R Race Kit


Available for those competing in the MotoAmerica Twins Cup Series and club racers alike, our race winning GSX-8R Race Kit ensures you’re equipped with components to fight for championships. This kit has everything you need to maximize the performance of your Suzuki on the race track. Available for purchase in the following configurations: Full Race Kit or the following Sub Kits: Chassis, Electronics, Engine.

See below details for what is included in each kit.

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GSX-8R Engine Competition Series Exhaust
Hard-Welded Cams (MotoAmerica Spec)
Electronics Full Harness
Maxx Sport ECU
Maxx Ignition Driver
O2 Sensor
P.4 Lithium Battery
E Throttle
Race Switches (L&R)
Chassis Subframe w/ECU Tray & Battery Box
Fairing Stay w/Stabilizer Mount
Linkage Assembly
Introducing the new Vance & Hines Motorsports Race Kit for the Suzuki GSX-8R, crafted from the very same high-performance components used in Rocco Landers’ race-winning MotoAmerica Twins Cup bike. This comprehensive kit is specifically designed to transform your GSX-8R into a track-ready machine, optimized for both professional racers and club-level competitors.
It includes a meticulously curated selection of parts and modifications aimed at enhancing handling, power, and durability. The kit features a lightweight subframe with a fairing stay, a high-performance exhaust system, performance-tuned electronics, and race-grade engine components—everything you need to maximize the performance of your Suzuki on the track.
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Our Chassis Kit provides essential components for enhancing your vehicle’s structural integrity and performance:

  • Subframe with ECU Tray & Battery Box: A sturdy subframe featuring an integrated ECU tray and battery box for secure and efficient component placement.
  • Fairing Stay with Stabilizer Mount: A durable fairing stay equipped with a stabilizer mount 
  • Linkage Assembly: A high-quality linkage assembly designed for precise handling and improved suspension performance.



Our comprehensive Electronics Kit includes everything you need for top-tier race performance:

  • Full Harness: A complete custom wiring harness tailored specifically for the Suzuki GSX-8R
  • Maxx Sport ECU: A high-performance Engine Control Unit designed to enhance engine management and improve overall motorcycle performance.
  • Maxx Ignition Driver: A robust ignition driver to ensure efficient spark delivery and optimal engine power output.
  • O2 Sensor: Included for precise oxygen level monitoring and optimal fuel mixture control.
  • P.4 Lithium Battery: A lightweight, high-capacity Full Spectrum Power lithium battery offering superior power and longevity for race conditions.
  • E Throttle: An electronic throttle system by Domino providing precise throttle control and response.
  • Race Switches: Separate Woodcraft left and right-hand switches for easy access and control during races.



Our high-performance Engine Kit includes key components to maximize your engine’s power and performance:

  • Competition Series Exhaust: A 2-1 performance exhaust system, made from high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, designed to optimize exhaust flow and increase engine power output.
  • Hard-Welded Cams: Only MotoAmerica Approved GSX-8R Camshaft for Twins Cup Class. Designed to improve mid-range and top end overrev power.
  • Radiator: A high-capacity radiator to ensure efficient cooling and maintain optimal engine temperature under race conditions.

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Complete Kit, Chassis Kit, Electronics Kit, Engine Kit

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