SXF450/FC450 AFT450 Up Pipe


Maximize your KTM SXF450 or FC450’s performance with the AFT450 Up Pipe. Constructed from robust 304 Stainless Steel and featuring a CNC Machined Billet End Cap, this exhaust upgrade is crafted for the demands of competitive racing. Adorned with the exclusive Vance & Hines / AFT Nameplate, it symbolizes high-quality craftsmanship and racing heritage. Meeting the AMA Pro 105 dB(A) Sound Limit, this up pipe not only sounds impressive but also boosts performance, providing up to a 10%+ gain at 11,000 RPM. Perfect for closed-course competition, this up pipe is the ultimate enhancement for racers seeking to push their motorcycle to its limits.

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Introducing the KTM SXF450/FC450 AFT450 Up Pipe, a masterclass in exhaust engineering, designed to elevate the performance of your motorcycle to new heights. This up pipe is the embodiment of precision and power, tailored specifically for the KTM SXF450 and FC450 models.

Constructed from the finest 304 Stainless Steel, this up pipe guarantees not only exceptional durability but also superior resistance to the harsh conditions of competitive racing. The use of this high-quality material ensures that your exhaust system will not only perform at its peak but also withstand the test of time.

At the core of its design is a CNC Machined Billet End Cap, a hallmark of our unwavering commitment to precision engineering. This feature enhances the overall performance and efficiency of your exhaust system while adding a touch of sleek sophistication to your motorcycle.

Featuring the custom Vance & Hines / AFT Nameplate, this up pipe is a symbol of quality and a testament to a legacy of racing excellence. The nameplate signifies a blend of cutting-edge technology and a deep-rooted passion for racing performance.

Compliant with the AMA Pro 105 dB(A) Sound Limit, this up pipe not only adheres to professional racing standards but also delivers a powerful and satisfying exhaust note, enhancing the racing experience both on and off the track.

In terms of performance, the KTM SXF450/FC450 AFT450 Up Pipe provides a significant boost, offering up to a 10%+ gain at 11,000 RPM. This increase in power is critical in competitive scenarios, giving you the advantage needed to dominate the race.

Please be aware that this up pipe is designed exclusively for closed-course competition use. It is an ideal choice for professional racers and serious enthusiasts who demand the best in performance and compliance with racing regulations.

  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • CNC Machined Billet End Cap
  • Custom Vance & Hines / AFT Nameplate
  • Meets AMA Pro 105 dB(A) Sound Limit
  • Up to 10% + Gain at 11,000 RPM

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Shipping Weight 18 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 48 × 18 × 10 in
Fitment Years